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Sino-Korean Intensive and Fast Transportation
Update datetime:2006-12-14 16:46:20
Shandong Peninsula is very close to Korea Peninsula and this why there are so many direct ports to Korea. Huayun-Mex currently offers passenger and freight hybrid liner services three times per week from Weidong Ferry, Huadong Ferry and Zhonghan Ferry.

These ship companies depart from Qingdao Port, Weihai Port, Shidao Port and Yantai Port, and these ports area around the whole Shandong Peninsula. The longest distance between two ports is 280KMs.
Shipping schedule is very tight from Monday to Sunday (excluding Saturday).
Hybrid liner goes fast. If it departs in the morning, it will arrive in the afternoon. Consignor can deliver their cargo to the port before the morning of the departure date, and the ship will depart in the afternoon, and the ship will arrive at the port in the next morning. And this fast service can compare with air transportation in terms of speed.


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